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workAssignments undertaken for a single article, a series of articles or an entire supplement. Extensive world-wide knowledge of the tourism industry with particular emphasis on the conference and incentive market, cruise line and hotel industries, yachting and marina coverage.

A selection of publications which have featured Roberta Etter’s work:
  • Conference and Incentive Travel
  • Meetings and Incentive Travel
  • Executive Travel
  • Travel Weekly
  • World Statesmen
  • Verve (EVA Airline)
  • Golden Falcon (Gulf Air)
  • Bahrain Gateway
  • Emirate’s Inflight
  • Voyager (British Midland)
  • Hilton Guest
  • Food and Travel
  • Bassmaster
  • The Field, Boat International
  • International Boat Industry
  • Show Boats International
  • Boote Exclusive
  • Yachting World
  • Boat Asia International
  • Queste (Rolls-Royce)
  • Mercedes Magazine
  • Food Management Europe